Masterclass Kitchens unveil their brand new brochures

British kitchen manufacturer Masterclass Kitchens are thrilled to unveil their brand new brochures that once again elevate the brand to yet another level.  The Masterclass and H Line brochures showcase exciting new ranges, photography and the stand out Signature and Living Collections.

A front cover should be a bold statement, Masterclass have not disappointed on this front. The main brochure is beautifully covered in the popular Mulberry colour along with a lifestyle image that truly reflects their brand, whilst they’ve opted for the luxurious Silver Oxide finish for their H Line brochure.

Following the success of their November product launch, both brochures feature new photography that highlight the true design potential of a Masterclass Kitchen. It will come as no surprise that The Signature Collection and Living Collection are shown throughout the brochures, with each given a dedicated section in the back of the brochure.

“I’m absolutely delighted with our latest literature.  As a company we want to stand out from the crowd and be a little different and I believe our new brochures do exactly that. We have had a fantastic start to 2019 and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year will bring”.  Steve Tough, Commercial Sales Director

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