Kitchen taps turn pro in a twist with Clearwater

Transforming a standard kitchen tap into an industrial-style, professional tap with one simple movement, the Twist and Spray Tap is a completely new innovation, developed exclusively by Clearwater.

The perfect way to introduce this design-led yet highly practical trend for professional taps into the kitchen at entry level, the Topaz tap is fitted with a Twist and Spray aerator, providing two flow types that can be changed with a simple twist of the flange.


The flow changes from a non-splash aerated flow to a needle-jet spray that is suitable for tasks such as rinsing plates before placing in a dishwasher and food preparation. The powerful spray function is also useful for encouraging good kitchen hygiene, making it simple to clean the sink after use.


The needle-jet mode can also generate detergent bubbles more easily than an aerated flow, particularly with today’s water regulated taps.


With one simple twist, the Twist and Spray function greatly enhances a standard tap’s abilities, ensuring it is a functional addition to the modern kitchen. The Twist & Spray function is available in eight tap styles and in a variety of on-trend finishes, including Brushed Nickel, Matt Black and Brushed Brass.


Clearwater: 01684 299555

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