Kitchen hardware retailer gives customer experience a virtual boost with new 4D technology

Not only is Virtual Worlds’ 4D Theatre design software an effective sales tool for retailers, it can also play a key role in the research and development process, as kitchen and bathroom hardware manufacturer, Blum, has shown.

The Milton Keynes based company wanted to create a buzz in their new showroom by installing live 4D technology that would inspire and engage customers by immersing them in a virtual reality room set with a greater degree of detail than ever before.

Amanda Hughes, customer experience manager, explains: “Virtual Worlds is well established within the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry and is a local business, so we were aware of their offering. We were so impressed with the technology and we felt Virtual Worlds was an innovative and cutting-edge company, which fits in with Blum’s ethos.”

Virtual Worlds’ 4D Theatre package offers a vivid, realistic and immersive ‘try before you buy’ shopping experience. Consumers are literally able to walk around their dream room before a brick has been laid. For KBB retailers, the power of virtual reality makes it easier for customers to experience, and fall in love with, a wide range of products.

Where many retailers use 4D Theatre as a sales tool, Blum found an immediate need for it at the market research stage.

“We do a lot of research and development across the entire market chain and are always looking for new ways to form and build relationships with customers,” says Amanda.

“We recently opened the Blum experience centre where we talk to customers about our people, culture and the story behind our products.

“The retail landscape is changing and It’s important for Blum to be at the forefront of emerging trends. We wanted to introduce 4D Theatre as a conversation piece, to find out if this sort of technology would add value to a customer when selecting a new kitchen or bathroom.”

4D theatre was introduced to the Blum showroom three months ago and Amanda is keen for it to be a long-term project with the aim of using it to bring the Blum experience to the customer.

“As expected, visitors have really engaged with the technology and it’s great to see a mixture of reactions and opinions. It’s like an art installation – it really gets people talking and has given us so much insight into the customer thought process.” she added.

“Virtual Worlds have been so helpful with helping staff get to grips with the technology. As they are only down the road they have come over a few times to check in and answer any questions we have. Their enthusiasm about the technology is very inspiring.”

Nathan MacLean, managing director at Virtual Worlds, said: “It’s great to see that our technology makes a big difference, not only to sales teams but also to those invested in spotting market trends and gathering insight.”

“Blum has obviously been using our product to great effect, and we wish them every success as they continue to grow their business.”

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