Kbsa Lobbies Government And Launches April Programme Of Free Croner Seminars To Members

The Kbsa has written to the government and urged its members to do so, asking for refinements to the
furlough proposals. The Kbsa has suggested that staff are allowed to work a limited number of hours per
week, to keep on top of enquiries for new business, and deal with any workload required to keep the
business ready to re-start, when the restrictions are lifted.

“We realise that these are unchartered waters and the government is doing all it can, firstly from a health
and safety perspective, and also to protect jobs but we believe some fine tuning could make this scheme
much more effective,” says Kbsa national chair Richard Hibbert.

The Kbsa has also launched a series of seminars from its partner Croner, to help members deal with the
emerging legislation from government.

Five webinars will take place starting on 02 April, designed to help businesses adjust to the new way of
working. They cover topics such as the essentials of homeworking, furlough and the Job Retention
Scheme, along with basics of HR and health & safety.

Richard says, “We have focused all of our resources on supporting our members during this difficult

“The speed at which new legislation is being announced is unprecedented and as is usually the case, the
details are not always clear. We are issuing regular updates and working with Croner so that our
members can stay up to date and access the new schemes as quickly as possible.”

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