Cramer UK Limited is pleased to introduce a new and innovative product to the UK market to significantly improve all bathroom installations.

The use of Haro-Secur Installation Tape provides a secure cushioned fixing between two ceramic surfaces and greatly increases the strength of appliance fixings. This is of particular benefit to the installation of wall hung sanitary ware where is has been proven that the tape significantly increases load bearing ability.

The self-adhesive, flexible tape is made of acid resistant plastic with a smooth bacteria repellent surface and can be adapted to all ceramic forms. Because of its load bearing capacity, the Haro-Secur Installation Tape can withstand the strongest stresses once in place and compensates for uneven surfaces on walls and floors.

The ease of fixing enables sanitary ware to be used immediately and will effectively help with soundproofing. Haro-Secur Installation Tape conforms to DIN 16778.

Further instructions for use can be found at Available from all good plumbing and builder’s merchants.

UK Distributor: Cramer UK Limited, Westham, Wedmore, Somerset, BS27 4UY


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