InSinkErator® now offers a complete waste management system with the launch of its brand new flexible bin solution. The integrated bin system fits perfectly under the sink, out of sight, alongside an InSinkErator® food waste disposer. Consumers can manage all their food waste, recycling and general waste easily, while keeping their kitchen organised and clutter-free. With the user easily able to separate their waste, the integrated bin system offers convenient, sustainable and hygienic benefits, while streamlining the kitchen with all waste and cleaning products hidden under the sink.

The InSinkErator® 1000 mm integrated bin system comprises of two lidded bins as well as a selection of organiser trays, for storing cleaning products, and is finished in a stylish dark grey. The bins and storage compartments are secured into the 1000 mm unit using magnets, which can easily be lifted and moved around, allowing the user to arrange the system to best suit their needs. The new range also includes smaller bin systems, designed to fit in various cupboards and drawers. The drawers on which the system sits are soft-close for total convenience.

According to research conducted by Trend-Monitor, sustainability is ranked as the number one priority consumers have for their homes in 2022 and recycling, water efficiency and reduced food waste are at the top of the list of sustainability goals1. Furthermore, a study revealed that when it came to setting resolutions for the new year, 22 per cent of consumers wanted to reduce their food waste, 21 per cent wished to recycle more, and 15 per cent were keen to decrease their carbon footprint2.

InSinkErator® is an active campaigner for the prevention of food waste, encouraging the disposal of food waste sustainably and advises composting wherever possible. Where this option is not feasible, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer is the ideal alternative for diverting food waste from ending up in landfill. As the inventor and global leader of food waste disposers, today InSinkErator® has a range of models, designed to suit different family sizes and home cooking needs. The new under sink bins from InSinkErator® take this one step further, offering consumers a fully integrated waste management system.

Marco Pastore, Product Manager, Europe and Russia InSinkErator®, says: “With the government announcing that by 2023, every UK household will receive separate weekly food waste collections3, we anticipate an increase in requests for food waste solutions. An InSinkErator® food waste disposer deals with inedible leftovers safely and hygienically. With consumers thinking about their waste more so than ever, now is the perfect time to offer a complete solution to managing waste at home, which is why we designed the integrated waste bin system.”

The new integrated bin system is available in a selection of widths: 500 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm to suit the needs of all households.

For more information on the new InSinkErator® integrated bin system, please contact your Account Manager or visit the website:

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