Insinkerator® Celebrates 80th Anniversary At London Ice Bar

InSinkErator®, part of the American company Emerson, held a celebration event for its 80th anniversary at the Belowzero ice bar, London, on 26th June 2019.

Two white racing huskies greeted guests at the unique ice bar venue. The 80th anniversary celebration event commenced in the private, Japanese themed, ‘warm’ restaurant, where Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications Manager, Europe and Russia, InSinkErator®, welcomed guests. InSinkErator® colleagues from the United States of America, Russia and Europe joined members of the press, and InSinkErator® UK staff, at the celebration event.

Following a short video on the history of InSinkErator®, including how and when the food waste disposer was first invented, Ashley Munden, Managing Director, InSinkErator®, continued the celebrations with a reveal of the NeoChiller prototype. The NeoChiller will soon be available, as an addition to the 4N1 Touch tap, via the exclusive InSinkErator® Showroom Collection. The addition of the NeoChiller will allow users to have instant, filtered chilled water in their own homes, at the touch of a button. Ashley also introduced the upgraded hot water tank, the NeoTank, which now offers an in-tank water temperature of up to 99°C.

Once the formalities had taken place, InSinkErator® colleagues and members of the press took part in an 80th anniversary quiz to test their knowledge of the brand and provide further insight into how the company has grown and innovated over the past eight decades. To conclude, guests were invited to a private session in the Valhalla themed ice bar, complete with drinks served in ice glasses.

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications Manager, Europe and Russia, InSinkErator®, says: “We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming launch of the InSinkErator® NeoChiller that will provide another time-saving and convenient solution to consumers, while further supporting the reduction of single-use plastic waste in the home. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of the guests that joined us at the celebration event for our 80th anniversary at the Belowzero ice bar.”

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