Insignia Showers Announce Record Growth & Further Expansion

Insignia Showers are reaping the benefits of their continued policy of research and development to bring the latest designs in shower &ss steam shower cabins to the public. The runaway success of their 2nd Generation showers, with the introduction of Insignia’s leak free shower cabins less than a year ago, have left other manufacturers trailing in their innovation wake and provided a record growth over the first half of 2019.

It is with great pride that Insignia Showers are currently recording a growth, in terms of sales, of 47% increase on the previous year. However, as Europe’s largest shower cabin manufacturer they do not intend to rest on their current success and are striving forward to remain the number one.

Continued innovation and development will see a major expansion in their already extensive shower cabin range for late 2019, in anticipation for expected 2020 demand and to bring the latest new features to an eager public. To further improve the continued growth and expansion, Insignia Showers have also announced a further 50,000sq ft warehousing operation within the areas of manufacture to complement the existing UK based operations.

Insignia Shower’s CEO, Leon Maclean, commented on the recent success; “This is a marvellous year for us so far, all major players in the bathroom industry now sell Insignia products and the knock on is, of course, the extra revenue they have gained from this as well. It’s a hand in glove operation as we work very closely with our retailers to satisfy both needs and expectations.”

“Our expansion in warehousing allows stocking a great deal more product and what used to be a build to landed time scale of 13 weeks, is now greatly reduced to around 28 days.  Brexit is of course a very large issue for all of us. We thought long and hard about worse case scenarios over the last two years, and why concentration was given towards our UK market share giving a greater degree of company stability and security over potential no deal E.U. markets we currently exist in.”

“In addition to our most successful year ever, we are also proud to announce future build contracts have now been secured forming a multi-million pound commitment over the next 24 months. This we see as commitment to both our level of faith in the UK bathroom market, our retailers, and very importantly, job security for our great teams, both in the UK and overseas.”

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