Insignia – Making a real ‘splash’ on social media!

With the expansion of the marketing department, we’re really upping our social media presence. We’re running competitions, giveaways, polls and more in order to engage with our audience and continue to grow. Come join in the fun by liking our Page.
But to entice you in here is what we’ve been up to:

We wanted to introduce the team to our customers, so what better way to combat the ‘the cringy selfie’ from our personal Facebook, or even the corporate work photographs that we don’t have than to make our own little avatar!

The bathroom is traditionally a very private room within a house, being one of the only doors we actively lock. We wanted to flip the script and get customers sharing their bathrooms with the world, oh and of course show off those beautiful Insignia shower cabins. Running a competition giving away digital hand showers for the lucky ones we share across our social platforms we’ve been inundated by a plethora of showers from customers. Just goes to prove, having an Insignia is certainly something to shout about!

Lastly, we have been creating little snippets of our showers on Facebook, for example, easy glide magnetic door seals and Chromotherapy. This was while we are making knowledgeable product videos for our customers on our Youtube channel. The videos created are on all the showers in the range and features across the board.  To see more in detail videos head over to our Youtube.

We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter and it’s definitely worth giving a follow, like and share. Insignia Range/Insignia Showers.


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