Insignia – Creating a shower REVOLUTION

Innovating new products and designs

Insignia have been creating a true revolution in shower construction! We are the leading name in steam & shower enclosures in the UK and Europe.  We have new and unique shower designs that have the customer in mind. Insignia is expanding in 2018 with a major product launch in October. We have undertaken a massive overhaul of our entire range of products. After many months of planning and hard work from the Insignia team we can now share with you our new products and innovations.

The entire core range of Insignia’s new showers are now leak free. The innovative new Insignia LeakFree system captures all water and diverts it down the in-built channels to the waste pipe. After perfecting a new design of shower tray, we have created a shower that is literally ‘designed to leak’.

We have also made these showers with our new QuickClick system that simply clicks the front frame together meaning the entire cabin can be built in just 1 hour.

All new showers in our core range are also fully customisable – choose from steam or non-steam, pick the size, frame colour, glass colour and back panels of your choice to create a shower that is perfect for you. To put it into perspective, that’s over 3,000 different options.

“In order to make something unique, we had to listen to our customers. That’s where we came up with the idea – ‘You design it, Insignia build it’”- Leon Maclean MD of Insignia

New and improved, easy to follow instructions mean that a competent DIY enthusiast can construct the shower without the need for a tradesperson.

We listen to our customers and retailer’s needs. As a company committed to innovation and design, Insignia is constantly striving to offer its retailers and customers high quality products that not only perform, but also look great.

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