INDESIT Works With Influencers To Increase Awareness Of #Doittogether Campaign

As part of its #DoItTogether campaign, major domestic appliance manufacturer, Indesit has worked with influencers to motivate families to reconsider the way in which chores are distributed within the home, by involving children in the household tasks.

Indesit manufactures easy-to-use appliances that make everyday tasks simpler, faster and stress-free, to help reduce the burden of housework. A key objective of the #DoItTogether campaign is to encourage parents to educate their children on the importance of sharing chores and improving the gender balance for the next generation. Throughout the campaign, Indesit enlisted a number of influencers to review its appliances and to persuade their family members to get involved in the household chores.

The 600 mm Indesit Push&Go induction hob (IB 88B60 NE) received praise from The Kabs Family, who noted how easy it was to use and that all members of the family can get involved in cooking meals together1. The Kabs Family also tested out the Indesit Aria built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX) that boasts the time-saving Turn&Go function, which allows users to cook a selection of handy recipes without the hassle of choosing the right cooking programme. With just one turn of the control knob, the oven automatically sets the cooking time, and oven temperature, to cook one of over 100 recipes, perfectly, in just one hour.

A recent Indesit study found that almost 68 per cent of women feel that, in the last year, they have had to juggle more household chores than ever before2. What’s more, although 66 per cent of women believe that they are setting a good example by sharing household duties with their family and promoting equality where they can, 67 per cent still feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of chores and tasks that fall to them, with over a third (37 per cent) having to do everything themselves2.

To highlight how easy it is for all members of the family to complete a load of laundry, Gemma Atkinson shared videos of the Indesit Innex washing machine with her 1.6 million followers on Instagram3. Gemma encouraged fiancé Gorka Marquez to have a go at using the time-saving, and simple to use, Push&Go feature of the Indesit washing machine too4.

Push&Go, a key benefit of the Indesit Innex washing machine (BWE 91484X W UK N), is a one-button system that begins washing with a simple push of the dedicated button, without having to adjust any of the settings. This easy-to-use feature is the perfect ‘one touch’ washing solution for families with limited time.

The Indesit dishwasher with the Fast&Clean cycle (DFO 3T133 F UK) also proved popular with the influencers, especially with dad of seven, Alex Galbally, whose children love to help with the household chores by loading the dishwasher. Alex explained how the #DoItTogether campaign resonated with him, stating that he is ‘going to pledge to try and do even more to share the load, whilst making it fun for the children this year’5.

Charmaine Warner, Indesit Brand Manager, says: “The fantastic group of influencers we enlisted to support our #DoItTogether campaign have highlighted the many benefits of involving children in the household chores, while demonstrating just how simple and safe Indesit appliances are to use for the entire family. We hope that the campaign has encouraged families to rethink the way that tasks are distributed within the home, as well as to increase footfall for our retailers by promoting the family-friendly Indesit appliances to their customers.”

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