How kitchen and bathroom design will be transformed in a post-COVID 19 reality – and why the KBB market could benefit from Compusoft

Touchless taps and shower loos, appliances with sanitising cycles, large fridge freezers and extra storage – these are just some of the product sectors likely to grow significantly in a post-COVID 19 reality, where hygiene is much higher on the consumer agenda and where homeowners will continue to shop less frequently.

Leading CAD software specialist Compusoft has unveiled these, and other findings, in a review of the various ways the coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact on kitchen and bathroom design.

As well as food storage and products that promote greater levels of hygiene, Compusoft also identified a growing trend for self-sustainability and outdoor living, including outdoor and barbecue kitchens.

Utility rooms and vestibules – areas away from the main living space where visitors can leave shoes and coats, and wash their hands, are also likely to grow in popularity as homeowners attempt to create homes that are welcoming for guests, while protecting the family against germs and viruses.

Compusoft managing director Alex Ainge comments: “Consumers who have spent a huge amount of time in their home over the past few months have had time to discuss projects and assess their key living spaces at a level never seen before. Added to the fact that people are travelling and eating out less, it’s highly likely that those who can afford to will invest in their homes and gardens.

“In fact, anecdotal evidence from some of our customers suggests that this is already the case, with some telling us they’re busier than ever!”

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