How it’s Made – Kitchen Doors

Put simply, time-lapse videos are fun to watch. So, that’s why we at BA Components decided to produce this style of video. There are remarkable aspects to every business especially to industrial processes of manufacturing a modern kitchen or bedroom door. It can turn a lengthy production process such as kitchen door manufacturing into one incredible short video that’s easily digestible for people to enjoy online.

We understand that our customers would never actually want to watch a board being routered from start to finish or a kitchen door being vinyl wrapped, but ramp up this process from hours to minutes, and people gladly tune in. Our time-lapse video was captured over 24hrs gathering all the production processes involved within BA Components.

For the opening and closing scenes we attached a camera to one of our forklifts tracking basic raw materials coming in to the Cookstown factory right through to the finished kitchen door being packaged and loaded on to a lorry for delivery. A first we believe for the KBB industry!

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