Hey presto! It’s magic for life at home! Meet the SJ-WX830F-BK(WH) Karakuri Fridge/freezer from Sharp

Discover the Karakuri five door cooling sensation from Sharp. The ultimate wow factor for any kitchen, it’s a feat of sci-fi design, bringing a touch of magic to every aspect of the home dining experience. Enjoy super cooling power for everything from midnight snack-making to festive family feasts and ambitious soirées.

With this trailblazer, every trip to the fridge/freezer can deliver a show-stopping performance. Designed with a Karakuri invisible water dispenser, this ninja fridge/freezer helps defend against the onset of poor health, allergies and asthma. Inspired by the Karakuri doors, which were used to hide ninjas from their enemies, the model‘s secret panel hides and protects the water dispenser from dust as well as toxic chemical particles and insects. Spectacularly spinning into sight whenever any cup motion is detected, it’s capable of serving up to twenty-four glasses of water before its tank has to be refilled.

The pleasure of fine drinking is also yours to enjoy at home with this first-class model. Offering a virtual bartending service, it promises to provide you with the most important ingredient for every alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink – that is, custom-made ice cubes.

The magic behind every cocktail, spirit and beer, this fridge/freezer extraordinaire enables you to play the host-cum-superstar mixologist, giving you the freedom to select the size of ice for your drinks. If you need to shake and stir those mocktails and creatively-concocted cocktails, it’s not a problem – just opt for some regular ice cubes to keep your drinks fresh, mild and watered down. Or why not make all your drinks on the rocks, maintaining their consistency and flavour with the large size ice option?

Whatever your preference, one thing’s for sure – with this automatic ice maker, you can always stay ahead of time. Thanks to the fridge/freezer’s J-tech inverter technology, ice can be made up to forty-five minutes faster than with other ice makers.

Built with a Multi-temperature room compartment, this one-of-a-kind model also promises a much more personalized service, offering 48 litres of space that can be customised according to your indiviudal needs. Providing an adjustable temperature range of -18℃/-8℃/0℃/3 °C, you can use the compartment as fridge or freezer room. Why not set the temperature at 0°C and use the space for your delicate meats? Or adjust the temperature to -8℃ and use it to soft freeze all your meat, so that it stays tender enough to cut when you prepare it for meals.
For a life of wining and dining, there’s also the Extra Cool feature. Why eat out when you can eat in and savour the flavour of foods and drinks that have been professionally stored at their optimum temperature? With this model of precision, you can be sure of thoroughly chilled drinks and food without ever having their taste and texture diluted by any unwanted ice. There’s a fine line between deeply chilled and frozen, but one that’s never crossed thanks to Sharp’s flawless temperature control.

Made for home entertaining, the Express Cool mode even ensures that you can keep up with every drinks request, operating at ultra-fast thirty minute speeds to chill your drinks from room temperature. Cooling newly heated dishes is also a breeze with this super model. Equipped with a Cool Mode, the fridge/freezer rapidly cools dishes of 60 degrees Celsius or under, but without impacting the overall temperature of the fridge. Transfer your pots of soups and desserts straight from the counter to the fridge. No container change, no fuss – just a simple solution for an easy life.

With this hero product, no food ever needs to go to waste – not when there’s approximately 758 gross litres of flexible space for you to use. Thanks to its assymetrical five door design, you not only have a fifth compartment that can store up to two baskets of groceries, but also a broader right hand side frame that’s capable of holding wider items, such as 40cm wide pizza boxes. And with a super-convenient nine-way shelf, you can effortlessly store almost any size of item from tall bottles to awkwardly shaped foods, such as pineapples.

You can also count on professional style cooling conditions.The Plasmacluster Ion System neutralizes bacteria in the fridge to keep foods fresh and odour-free for longer. Features, such as the Hybrid Cooling System also mean that you can preserve the fresh taste and texture of all your fruits and vegetables. Thanks to this function, the fridge is cooled from the rear panel, so that the cold air never directly hits your food or dries it out.

All the compartments ensure incredible efficiency and fine-tuned cooling, relying on the fridge/freezer’s cutting-edge technology to adjust and regulate the compressor speed according to the level of refrigeration required.

Offering a trendsetting and futuristic alternative to conventional mono colour finishes, this super model is not only available in cool white, but also in a two tone black and mirror glass design for a stand-out look that can open up any kitchen space.

For further information, please visit www.sharphomeappliances.com

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