Haier debuts new Smart Home strategy at IFA

Under the theme ‘Connect to Extraordinary’, and featuring the hOn app, Haier has used IFA in Berlin to show the that potential of all home appliances is maximised, taking personalised home management to a level of extraordinary efficiency.

In Berlin, Haier has been presenting state-of-the-art technological solutions capable of creating increasingly personalised home scenarios. An immersive journey, where visitors are invited to actively interact with home appliances, connected to each other and to their surrounding environment.

The journey into the world of Haier begins with an engaging video to discover the brand’s tailor-made experience. Showcasing an ecosystem that follows us in our daily lives and adapts to provide a unique and ever- changing experience, the brand’s values and the endless possibilities of using connected products are revealed.

This is the backdrop for the preview presentation of Washpass, not a washing machine but a washing experience unlike anything now on the market, which will be available in Italy with a subscription that includes an initial fee and a monthly fee depending on the number of wash cycles.

A premium-designed, ultra- technological, connected machine designed to deliver professional-level performance and garment care. All in “zero-stress” mode. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, in fact, Washpass selects the most suitable program, the mix and doses of detergents to be used and already built-in into the machine, sends the order for components that are running low, and calls the technician in case of necessary assistance.

The detergents available have been created ad-hoc by Nuncas, which has reallocated all the raw materials used in the industry into four main ingredients that mix automatically according to the type of fibers, the temperature selected and the type of dirt to be removed.

In the washing area, Connect to Extraordinary continues with the new I-FRESH SERIES 11 washing machine, which ensures an unprecedented level of hygiene and freshness and guarantees maximum care for laundry and the environment. This is thanks to a series of special cycles, such as the one dedicated to allergy sufferers, and a complete package of innovative functions, among the others Ultra Fresh, the unique system on the market for feeding air into the drum.

After the normal washing process, it goes into operation to refresh the clothes and maintain a dry environment, preventing the build-up of mould and bacteria, and preventing bad odours. Laundry can stay in the washer for up to 12 hours.

Next comes I-PRO SHINE SERIES 6 and 7: the answer for those who are looking for a dishwasher that accepts no compromises. With its new H-Spray arm and 3-basket washing system, quiet operation, maximum energy efficiency in certified Class A, I PRO SHINE delivers 50% more cleaning performance than a standard dishwasher.

In the cooling area, however, there is no shortage of must-haves and the most expected product innovations, such as the CUBE 90 SERIES 9, which, thanks to artificial intelligence and the Big Touch Display built-in into the door, becomes the centre of the entire home ecosystem by connecting to any Haier appliance at home, but also to the outside world, thus, allowing the access to a wide range of extra features and content.

CUBE 90 SERIES 7 PRO and FD 90 SERIES 7 PRO, are Haier’s offerings in the multidoor range equipped with revolutionary Fresher Techs, tested and one of a kind on the market, such as, for example, Absolute Ice- the only system that guarantees ice up to 10 times purer- and ABT Pro- that allows for the elimination of 99.99% of bacteria, in both the refrigerator and freezer.

Thanks to a scenic interactive ice cube, the functions and features of the two multidoor devices will come to life, projecting the visitor into a new experience of refrigeration. Among the countless functions that can be activated with the hOn App, the new Haier products also offer Proactive Temperature, which adjusts the internal temperature according to the outside temperature and adapts to customers’ habits by, for example, geolocalising the location to make sure the temperature is the right one when they return from the supermarket.

CHEF@HOME SERIES 6 is another star of the show: the oven that becomes a true personal assistant, satisfying all kind of needs thanks to the latest Artificial Intelligence inside technologies and connection with the hOn App.

Chef@Home is the only one on the market equipped with the Preci Taste function, capable of recognising the food inside the oven, setting the most suitable cooking parameters and controlling the process until it is completed. The new version presented at IFA also benefits from an improved user experience, with a full touch screen interactive door that allows the user to follow the preparation of dishes in a simple and intuitive way, but also to access multimedia contents, up to watching entire movies.

Haier Connect to Extraordinary is part of Haier Europe’s exhibition designed for its return to IFA. The group’s large installation designed to tell the story of the Smart Home for the three international brands Candy, Hoover, Haier.

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