Häfele’s Loox Van tours to launch Loox 5 and Lighting Design Service

Häfele UK has started touring the UK in its brand new Loox Van to coincide with the official launch of Loox 5 and its Lighting Design Service.

Häfele has overhauled a Renault Relay van, installing it with the latest innovations from its new Loox range to offer customers the chance to get up close with the products and explore its breadth of capabilities.

Kitchen design studios, independent retailers, merchants, architects, manufacturers, installers and others in the industry can now book a slot to receive their own personalised experience in the Loox Van, with Häfele’s team of lighting experts on hand to discuss the latest lighting trends and design advice.

A form of LED lighting that can be integrated and built into furniture and units, the Loox 5 range includes upgraded internal components and an improved distribution style compared to its predecessor, making it suitable for a wider variety of applications spanning the domestic and commercial markets. Its connection capability has increased from 3.5amp to 5amp, with improved drivers that mean the lighting can be used 24 hours a day for up to 50,000 hours – and in some case 70,000 hours – without any noticeable reduction in performance.

The colour rendering index – a scale that rates an artificial white light source’s ability to accurately display colour – is above 90, meaning that during extended use there is no difference in colour quality, making it a top choice for settings where colour accuracy is important, such as shop displays, or galleries.

Alongside Loox 5, Häfele is officially launching its Lighting Design Service, arming designers, retailers, manufacturers, and installers with a free, value-added tool to ensure customers receive great-looking, holistic lighting solutions in their projects. Customers can submit room or floor plans to the Lighting Design Service’s team who will create creative and technical lighting schemes on their behalf providing a bespoke layout, product list and priced quote – all free of charge. This can then be used together with Häfele to Order – a service that cuts, assembles, packages, labels and delivers products to specific requirements to save time during the installation process.

Shaun Barker, assistant product group manager for smart lighting, security and media at Häfele UK, said: “Loox 5 is the next generation in lighting; it offers a distinct improvement in performance compared to anything currently available on the market. As well as being technically more capable than similar products, the beauty of the range is that it’s designed to meet the tastes and needs of more people – from families working with installers and manufacturers to create modern kitchens, to hotel owners wanting to offer their guests a unique lighting experience.

“Meanwhile, the Lighting Design Service is an opportunity for the industry to partner with our experts to create designs which put the best lighting products on the market at the centre of a space’s aesthetic, no matter what the environment or what it needs to achieve. This, along with Häfele to Order, provides customers with an opportunity to upsell lighting with ease, as we take responsibility for all of the process up to installation.

“The Loox Van was developed to provide a mobile, accessible facility for the industry to improve their understanding of how lighting can improve their projects, and how our products and services can help them achieve even more for their customers. We’ve seen demand for Loox products increase almost 20 per cent in the last 12 months which – given trading conditions – is brilliant, and we expect that trend continue as we officially release Loox 5 to market and continue to tour the country with the Loox Van.”

Appointments can be made at hafele.co.uk/loox-van to receive a visit from the Loox Van and Häfele’s expert lighting team.

Loox 5 products are available via the user area of the Häfele UK website, or via merchants. The Lighting Design Service is also available online.

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