Giving more in store

Bathroom manufacturers must keep up with new technology in order to make the most of in-store marketing opportunities, according to Virtual Worlds’ managing director, Nathan Maclean.

Maclean’s comments came in response to an observation by Bathe Bathrooms’ general manager David Claeys, who highlighted a lack of marketing on the showroom floor, suggesting it could result in a downturn in sales for manufacturers.

“There are so many new and innovative ways for manufacturers to market themselves in store,” Nathan Maclean said. “As technology develops, so do consumers’ expectations. Manufacturers must keep up, or lose out.

“It’s important for manufacturers to look at the tools they have available and consider how best to use them – it is no longer good enough to put a sample product in the showroom and expect the customer’s imagination to do the rest.

“Luckily there are lots of systems out there which can help. Our latest 4D Theatre package, for example, puts the manufacturer right in front of the customer, with the opportunity to include full product catalogues, with a wide range of colours, in greater detail than ever before. They can then combine these items together to create their dream space.

“By taking a product into inspect mode customers are able to drill down into an individual product, viewing its exact specification and even taking in additional resources such as product videos to help them come to a decision. This mode also includes the manufacturer’s logo for maximum visibility.

“And because all of this is done through virtual reality, it creates complete immersion for customers, increasing the chances of converting sales and enticing them into choosing higher-specification products.

“It’s an immersive way of experiencing a new layout and can help retailers to upsell in the same way that car salesmen use test drives to encourage buyers to choose a more expensive model.

“By thinking creatively about their in-store marketing, manufacturers can boost sales, while helping to ensure their customers are happy with the end product.”

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