Get organised for ‘back to school’ season and home working with Schmidt’s stylish office furniture

This time of the year is always filled with a ‘back to school’ mentality. Whether it’s because there are children starting or heading back to school, students moving away to university, the start of a new job or simply an intake of breath as autumn gets underway, it’s a time for new beginnings, a fresh start and an organised home. French interior expert Schmidt knows all about whole home solutions, as this leading furniture designer and manufacturer has more than 60 years’ experience in helping homeowners plan and create interiors that offer calm, coordination and creativity. Its kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces, hallways and home offices combine flexibility and designer style with practicality and function. Whether it’s a separate home office for the nine to five or a student’s study, a multifunctional desk area in an open-plan space for all the family to use or simply an area off the kitchen to catch up on correspondence and paperwork, there’s something for every home.


The office below for instance is perfect for a modern Scandi feel with its Arcos Supermat furniture in a sleek grey Nano Claystone finish. The corner desk makes the most of every inch of space, the wall cabinets combine open and closed storage for easy access and a clutter-free look while the freestanding cabinet can be moved into different positions when required.

When a study area or home office is to be part of family life, an office area off the kitchen is the perfect solution. If space allows, a desk with storage units can slot into any extra space that would otherwise be wasted. Schmidt offers bespoke widths, heights and depths for its cabinetry with made to measure dimensions tailored to every need. There are also durable and hardwearing laminate desks and surfaces to suit all home working and study requirements with a huge choice of colours, finishes and designs.

Schmidt’s home office solutions can also be used to make a statement. In the multifunctional open-plan space below, a separate kitchen and office area have been created using a one-piece interior solution housing stacks of storage. The unit divides the two zones without enclosing them and to make it a feature in itself, the unit is clad in Schmidt’s Botanic Black print. This eye-catching pattern brings a sense of the outside in and captures the trend for biophilic design.

For a flexible interior and ideal for studios, lofts, apartments and shared spaces, the desk below can be used for home working, study or any creative or focussed task. In a Clay and Alabama finish with Coral coloured open storage, the effect is an industrial style with added warmth and stacks of practical storage with its pull-down desk, open shelving, cubby holes and drawers for stationery, paperwork and everything else needed to study, work or be creative at home.

To see how a home office or desk design will look in reality, customers can visit their nearest showroom where the Schmidt team will create a personal virtual reality experience. Users can experience a 360˚ walk-through and view the furniture, fittings and added extras available to personalise their space.

“Schmidt’s desk furniture and storage solutions allow homeowners to integrate their office space into the rest of the home,” says Tamara Heller, Marketing Operations Manager at Schmidt UK. “Gone are the days of corporate-looking pieces that jar with an interior décor – today’s designs allow for a more enjoyable and creative approach to home working and study.”

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