Geberit on the Japandi trend

What is Japandi?

The Japandi trend, colliding Japanese functionalism with Scandinavian ‘cosy’ design, has seen a rise in recent months. Is this trend just a fad or a crucial reaction to fast furniture that may stick around for the long run? Here, Holly Aspinall, Channel Marketing manager at Geberit discusses the hot Japandi interior design trend.

The Japandi way

Largely due to the stresses of the pandemic and the home being transformed into a multifunctional workspace, individuals find themselves in desperate need for that sanctuary space to take time out from the stresses of everyday life.

When it comes to creating a sanctuary in the bathroom, homeowners are looking for the perfect balance between functionality and style, seeking to combine the latest product innovations and clever design features to create a space that is both beautiful and practical.

Japandi style achieves this with combined simplicity, natural elements, and comfort. It’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more people combining the rustic minimalism of Scandinavian interior design with sleek Japanese functionality.  This fusion has come along at the perfect time, blending function and form, focusing on clean lines, bright spaces and light colours.

Design that lasts

Scandinavian interiors harness the power of “hygge”, the concept of cosiness in design. Put simply, the home should be a sanctuary and provide a feeling of comfort every time you walk in the front door or simply enter the washroom for daily hygiene habits. Japandi design is focused on craftsmanship, it’s not meant to be throwaway. A clear antidote to one-off, fast fashion interior design purchases, Japandi design focuses on sustainable furniture.

Therefore, wooden bathroom furniture is the obvious choice. The natural finish creates a sense of warmth and cosiness, whilst also delivering on functionality and longevity. The Geberit Renova range for instance features clean lines and effortlessly exudes minimalism whilst also delivering on ample storage.

Declutter the home, declutter the mind

Reducing clutter is key to achieving the Japandi style. Therefore, fitted furniture which hovers above the floor, like Geberit’s Renova range, is the perfect option. The room will instantly feel bigger and less cluttered.

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