Franke’s new AQ Sense smart hoods range offers improved air quality with greater control and connectivity

Franke has launched its first ever smart cooker hood with the innovative new AQ Sense range

. Designed to keep the air clean around the home, the hoods feature unique Air Quality Sensor technology which constantly monitors VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), air temperature and humidity.

Pictured is the AQ Sense Monitor hood with integrated monitor, the premium model within the

range which offers a choice of three designs. All AQ Sense models activate automatically in AUTO mode once unsafe levels are detected, filtering out VOCs and restoring fresh air. Once the air quality has returned to a satisfactory level, it will automatically shut off, avoiding any energy waste.

Users can stay in control of up-to-date air quality information via the dedicated Franke Cloud app. The app also allows them to easily control many of the hood’s functions via a smartphone or tablet; including switching the hood on and off, setting the aspiration speed, adjusting the extraction speed and adapting the light settings to create the perfect ambience. These functions can also be controlled using voice commands via Amazon Alexa.

AQ Sense Monitor model features a timeless design in sleek black metallic glass. Advanced features include a 21.5” touch screen display monitor which allows users to browse the internet to view their favourite websites, watch videos and listen to music. The hood can also be connected to IP or Wi-Fi cameras allowing baby monitors and security devices to be connected, and it offers a 24-hour ventilation option which automatically switches on the hood at its lowest and quietest setting for 10 minutes every hour to keep the air fresh.

Suitable for recirculating or ducted extraction, the AQ Sense Monitor measures 80cm in width and has easy-to-use touch controls, in addition to operation via the Franke Cloud app and Amazon Alexa. It features LED lights with adjustable white bulbs allowing users to adjust the temperature of the light, three different speeds plus intensive settings with an extraction rate of 740 m³/h at intensive with a noise level of 67 decibels.  It has an Energy Efficiency Class A rating and is backed by a two-year warranty.

The AQ Sense range also includes the wall mounted AQ Sense Vertical and the AQ Sense Ceiling hood models, providing an option to suit all spaces and requirements.

For further information contact Franke on: 0161 436 6280 or

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