Franke’s Minerva Electronic taps combine style, performance and lifestyle enhancing functionality

Instant boiling water taps are becoming a mainstay of kitchen design and Franke’s Minerva 4-in-1 Electronic tap offers additional functionality which meets consumer demand for convenience, good hygiene and sustainability.

The Minerva 4-in-1 Electronic tap has long been a popular model in Franke’s portfolio thanks to its simple push-button operation and convenient hands-free functionality. With consumers increasingly looking for ways to optimise hygiene in the home, this functionality helps to minimise contact with the tap, reducing the potential transmission of germs.  At the same time, pre-set dispense technology helps to avoid unnecessary water wastage by encouraging users to only use the amount of water required for a specific task. The tap also eliminates the need for a kettle which can often be overfilled, boiled and re-boiled, wasting energy and money.

Minerva’s user-friendly pre-set digital touch-controls can be activated by a single twist and two taps of the dial for 30 seconds of 100°C filtered boiling or 15 seconds of filtered cold, and three taps for 60 seconds of 100°C or 30 seconds of filtered cold water. Once activated, users can stand back and watch while it fills pans, teapots, cafetières and jugs. The fact that the tap delivers true 100°C boiling water means it is ideal for sterilising items such as babies’ bottles. For complete flexibility, the flow of water can also be controlled manually from a separate lever to deliver standard mains hot and cold water. The tap’s electronic control will automatically switch to child safety mode when not in use.

Minerva comes in two styles – Helix, an elegant J-Spout model and Mondial, a modern L-Spout design. Reflecting the trend for coloured and metallic finishes in kitchen design, the tap comes in four fashionable finishes of Industrial Black, Champagne Gold and Copper, as well as a brand-new Anthracite option. The tap is also available in timeless stainless steel, offering design flexibility across a range of kitchen styles. Minerva is made from solid stainless steel with a coloured PVD coating that is designed to keep the structure of the stainless steel visible.

Suitable for high pressure systems, the Minerva 4-in-1 Electronic tap has a slim five litre water tank that fits either vertically or neatly behind the plinth to save valuable cupboard space. The tap comes with a 2-year warranty on working parts.

Further information is available from Franke: 0161 436 6280 or

Franke’s Minerva Helix 4-in-1 Electronic tap, pictured here in the Copper finish, delivers true 100°C boiling water.





Franke’s Minerva Helix 4-in-1 Electronic tap, pictured here in Stainless Steel, delivers filtered cold water.

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