Franke’s luxurious bespoke-made stainless steel worksurfaces

Surfaces that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the home are an increasingly important part of the kitchen design process and Franke’s stainless steel worksurfaces more than meet this criteria.

Offering streamlined aesthetics and a hygienic smooth surface which doesn’t harbour the growth of bacteria, the Franke Stainless Steel worksurfaces offers superior creative scope, with choices of PureSteel and Finesteel, several thicknesses from ultra-slim 4mm to 8mm, six different finishes including the worldwide exclusive PearlFinish and extensive customisation with island units as large as 5m x 1.9m possible in a single element.

Stainless Steel worksurfaces are simple to clean and maintain by washing with soapy water after use, rinsing and drying off with a microfibre cloth.  The material does not rust, chip or crack and can withstand very high temperatures meaning you can place hot pans and dishes directly onto it.

Further information is available from: 0161 436 6280 or


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