Franke’s All-In flexible food preparation system transforms sinks into stylish and ergonomic workstations

Franke’s new All-In flexible food preparation system is designed to transform any kitchen sink into a stylish and ergonomic workstation.

All-In’s intuitive modular system is designed to save both time and space while supporting workflow. It comprises eight functional accessories which allow users to fully utilise the sink and surrounding area, no matter the size of the kitchen or sink bowl. Users can customise the work area to perfectly suit their needs, allowing them to shift seamlessly between different tasks, whether preparing food, cooking, cleaning or tidying up.

The All-In system includes a stylish bamboo chopping board, two strainer bowls, a small collector bowl with a bamboo lid and a foldable silicone pad that can handle hot pans or be utilised as a drainer. Thanks to the stable telescopic bridge, which is adjustable to fit varying sizes of sink bowls, the system is compatible with all sinks up to 540mm. When not in use, All-In’s accessories can be stored neatly in a handy storage box, which is designed to fit everything inside a standard kitchen cabinet to keep the sink area neat and tidy.

Reflecting consumers’ desire for sustainable and hygienic products in the home, All-In’s durable accessories are made from a combination of bamboo, recyclable polymers, stainless steel and heat resistant silicone. They are treated with Franke’s world-leading Integrated Antimicrobial Sanitized® Technology for a more hygienic finish, reducing bacteria and microbe growth by 99%. The accessories are dishwasher-friendly and come in a neutral colour palette to ensure compatibility with all styles of kitchen.

For complete flexibility, All-In comes in a choice of five different sets ranging from Set 1 which includes the Telescopic Bridge, Bamboo Chopping Board and Sanitized Strainer Bowl, through to Set 5 which includes all eight accessories.

Despite being a newcomer to the market, All-In has already been recognised as ‘The Best of the Best’ in the Kitchen Equipment category of the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2022 and has secured a coveted Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category thanks to thanks to its innovative design coupled with functionality.

Jo Sargent, sales and marketing director at Franke UK, says: “All-In presents a flexible, stylish space-saving solution that is a highly practical addition to any modern kitchen.

“All-In enables households to prepare food in a more fluid way, no matter the size of the kitchen or the sink bowl. The accessories are also easy hygienic, easy to clean and can be tidied seamlessly away after use, making it on point to meet the needs of today’s consumers.”

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