Franke staff take on British Heart Foundation Hydration Challenge

Throughout July, Franke staff have been exploring the benefits of drinking more tap water by taking on the British Heart Foundation challenge which encourages employees to increase their daily fluid intake over the course of a month. Recently installed at their Manchester headquarters the new Vital Capsule filter tap was put through its paces during the challenge.

Forty staff took part in the initiative, which promotes the principle that being well-hydrated can help employees to work to their full potential, feel healthier and be more energised.  It raises awareness of the hydration guidelines and challenges employees to increase their daily intake of water to the recommended 1.6 litres for women and 2 litres for men, while keeping a log of their progress and how they feel as a result.

Jeanette Ward, communications manager at Franke says: “The health benefits of staying hydrated are well-known, but in a busy working day it can be difficult to find the time to get the recommended intake of water.  By encouraging each other throughout the challenge and completing a daily record of our fluid intake, it’s been much easier to incorporate drinking water into everyday activities, particularly with access to the new Vital Capsule filter tap and our handy refill bottles which cuts down on single use plastic.

“Those who signed up have all reported positive benefits including better concentration, improved sleep, clearer skin and feeling more energised.  Now the challenge is complete we plan to keep up the good work and continue drinking our recommended intake.”

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