‘Food for the Soul’ with NEW Oshibori by V-ZUG

Innovators in the design and manufacture of high quality steam appliances, V-ZUG, bring oriental-inspired heart and soul into the UK kitchen with its latest technology, Oshibori.

Inspired by the richness of Japanese culture which is known for appreciating raw and cooked foods, philosophies of wellness and holistic healing, V-ZUG launch its brand new Oshibori setting to the UK homeowner with the intention of bringing a greater sense of personal wellbeing from the comfort of home.

V-ZUG’s new Oshibori setting transform your combi-steam oven into a private home-spa facility, providing you with the opportunity to indulge and pamper your friends, family and dinner guests with an array of functions and features.

Did you know that a hot towel on your face is a great way to deep clean your skin or prepare for a shave? The steam released from the towel helps to open up your pores, soften the hairs for a closer shave and hydrate the skin. The new Oshibori setting means you no longer have to schedule an appointment with your local spa or barber shop, just command your V-ZUG oven to do it at home!

The perfect way to end a meal or simply relax and unwind after a hard day is with a warm and refreshing V-ZUG branded towel. Either between courses or at the conclusion of dinner, this new Oshibori setting by V-ZUG is a great way to impress your dinner guests akin to the luxury of a first-class flight or 5* restaurant service.

If that’s not all, you can also enjoy the beauty of home massage therapy with Oshibori allowing you to prepare at the touch of a button cherry pit heating pads, hot stones to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism, as well as hot wraps: ideal for the colder months and even cool summer nights.

Speaking on behalf of V-ZUG, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Rhys Evans comments “We’ve all heard of wellness in the bathroom but why not the kitchen too? People expect a differential when purchasing a premium appliance. Now, with our new Oshibori setting, we can provide even more indulgence through our high performance, life altering combi-steam appliances that ultimately benefit the end user and guests!”

Oshibori towels can be quickly prepared in a V-ZUG steam oven in just a few simple steps and at the touch of a button. The following appliances feature the V-ZUG Oshibori setting:
– Combi-Steam HSL
– Combair-Steam SL
– Combi-Steam XSL
– Combi-Steam XSL Y
– Combi-Steam XSL F
– Combi-Steam MSLQ
To purchase one of the featured V-ZUG combination steam ovens mentioned above with the new Oshibori setting, prices range from £1,950+vat to £3,900+vat.

For further information about V-ZUG’s products and stockists, please call 0843 289 5759 or visit www.vzug.com

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