Float away to a blissful state of mind…

Insignia not only designs and builds but develop steam and hydro-massage showers that also combine with bathtubs and have innovated these concepts for more than a decade.

The baths include; steam, showering and a high-pressure underwater jet system taking you to a sensual safe haven in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s dive in *not literally*

The high-pressure underwater jets offer multiple health benefits, from muscle relaxation, alleviating joint pain, improved circulation and even healthier skin.

When it comes to cost, many believe this will be prohibitive. A steam shower/bath enclosure which doubles up as a mini hot tub for your bathroom, of course sounds expensive. If you search for the individual components separately and create your own bespoke jetted bath shower combo then yes, the cost can be astronomical. Not with Insignia however as the RRP for our bath/shower hybrids fall between £1600 and £1900.

All these features for this low cost, can it get any better? By now you should know that yes it can with Insignia. We have a Bluetooth control panel, internal twin-speaker system for crystal clear audio, internal multi-coloured mood lighting and of course our trademark aromatherapy system (AMI).

With all this available in your own home, the battle for the bathroom is just beginning.



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