A predominately female team from Coalville Kitchens in Leicestershire shared their smart tips and solutions for building a successful business in the latest ‘Movers and Shakers’ film with  Simon Acres Group MD, Simon Acres.

Luke Wedgebury, founder CEO and was joined by showroom manager Joanne Worrall and Design Consultants Eve Wallace and Amanda Biggs.

Luke noted that he is the only male working in the showroom, with the six other members of staff, all being female. Luke said, “There are advantages to having women on the team, it can be easier for them to build a rapport and trust with the customer, which is often a woman, and they share an understanding of how important it is for a kitchen to work for the family as well as look great.

“I am extremely proud of my team and would love to see more women choosing a career in the KBB sector.  There is no doubt they are underrepresented but they have so much to offer and could play a huge part in future growth.”

The team also discussed how the showroom had changed since lockdown with fully interactive design consultations online now part of the service.  The showroom is still operating a ‘by appointment’ booking system but is also open for those that want to call in.

“We have found that some customers prefer to deal with us virtually.  It works really well, we can walk around the showroom on Zoom and discuss different displays and options and present our CAD designs online too,” says Luke.

On the topic of training and skills, Luke is an active supporter of the apprenticeship system, with two fitters on apprenticeships with their in-house teams.

“We have always supported bringing people into the business and developing their skills, it is important to bring in fresh ideas and allows for succession planning.  We are supporting the Simon Acres Group campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities for apprentices in our industry.”

The interview with the Coalville team can be seen here.

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