Energy-saving benefits of a Quooker

With energy prices set to soar, households across the country will be looking at ways to reduce their consumption. One of these is switching to energy-efficient appliances, which can make a huge difference in helping families save money.


  • One of the most energy-guzzling appliances, the kettle uses on average 2,200 watts to boil 1.7 litres of water. Comparatively, a Quooker boiling water tap only uses 10 watts per day to keep water in the tank at 110°C, thanks to its patented high-vacuum insulated tank preventing heat from escaping. When the kettle boils, heat is inevitably lost; in order to boil water afterwards, the heating process must be completely restarted, causing a spike in energy usage. This means that while the cost of running a boiling water tap is 1p per litre delivered (approximately 3p per day), the cost of boiling a full kettle (which typically holds 1.5 litres of water) is 2.5p per boil. A Quooker tap could save users a significant amount, particularly those who regularly boil their kettle multiple times a day.


  • With a Quooker tap, users are able to boil the exact quantity of water needed, whether it’s for a cup of tea or for a large pan. When using a kettle, on the other hand, one of the most common mistakes people make is boiling more water than is required. Not only does this mean that millions of litres of water are wasted every year, but also that a huge amount of energy is used unnecessarily to boil water that is often re-boiled or tipped down the sink.


  • Quooker taps are easy to maintain and built to last. Whilst there is an upfront cost to purchasing a Quooker, the longevity that comes with it will reduce its cost per use, turning the tap into a long-term investment. Quooker taps typically last between 10 and 15 years and are maintained by a dedicated team guaranteeing a reliable and prompt service.
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