A sweeping expanse of glass with a curved fluid edge, characterises the elegant new EauZone Radius-20 shower screen from leading British luxury shower designer and manufacturer, Matki

Unparalleled, distinctive and completely unique, the EauZone Radius-20 shower screen gives a light, airy aspect to the room and is a complete innovation in frameless luxury showering.

Engineered from a single sheet of 10mm safety glass, curved to achieve a softened edge with a tight 20mm inner radius, this shower screen is both contemporary and practical with the unique return for extra splash protection.

Avoiding the need for UV bonds and corner profiles, the EauZone Radius-20 shower screen comes with an adjustable new floor bracket for safe positioning on shower trays and tiled floors. Manufactured from solid brass, the innovative new floor bracket and wall profiles are available in a choice of finishes including Living Copper, Aged Brass and Brushed Black Chrome.

The 2013mm high glass panel screen comes in a selection of standard and bespoke finishes, such as Blue Tinted, Satin and Ultra Black as well as a range of three width options.

Perfect for urban hideaways, the EauZone Radius-20 shower screen can be paired with a door hinged from the wall or with a hinge panel, closing onto the single piece Radius-20 side panel to create a full enclosure.

Priced from £1927.20 for a EauZone Radius-20 Wet Room panel excluding installation. Installation is priced from £616.80 with the Matki Installations team


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