Elegant design and practicality – BLANCO’s new ANDANO stainless steel sink

Combining elegant design and practicality, BLANCO’s ANDANO XL 6 S-IF stainless sink will complement all sorts of kitchen designs. What makes the BLANCO ANDANO unique is its balance of beauty and function. By opting for one of many stunning taps and accessories, it’s possible to create a truly elegant kitchen.

The generous 210mm depth bowl can be covered with the draining board to maximise the surface area. Other characteristic features of the ANDANO XL 6 S-IF include the integrated tap ledge, a subtly-grooved drainer and a generously proportioned XL bowl.

Together with the multi-function tray and the optional glass cutting board, elegance can be enjoyed. The sink can be placed in front of a window as the tap ledge is fitted discreetly on the side and the flat IF-rim means that, as well as conventional lay-on installation from above, flushmount integration in the worktop is equally possible.

For further information on BLANCO UK, please call 01923 635 200 or visit www.blanco.co.uk

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