Elegance combines with resilience in new Volta PVD sinks from Clearwater

Highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, Clearwater Products has introduced a new range of sinks with a PVD coating, for a durable, hygienic finish in the modern kitchen. Available in Black, Brass or Copper, the new Volta PVD sinks can be undermounted or inset, making this a versatile option for any setting.








The bowls have crisp 5mm radius corners and stylish pressed draining lines, while the special finish is created using a PVD process that results in an extremely resilient surface. In on-trend Brass and Copper, the sinks are Dura Brushed, creating a unique random brushed effect that provides a rich patina to disguise scratches and prolonging the original look of the material.

Meanwhile, the Volta PVD Black is pure black, rather than compromised tones of dark grey, creating a sophisticated presence that makes a statement in the kitchen. While the PVD properties add a superior level of resistance, the Volta Black has also been treated with Nano technology to achieve a uniquely smooth surface which is not only dirt repellent but is also extremely hygienic.


The sleek Volta PVD sinks from Clearwater Products are fabricated in 1.0 steel and all feature SilentCote® for increased robustness and hushed tones when in use. The 1.5 bowl model has a very slim bowl divider, adding a contemporary aesthetic whilst maximising the bowl dimensions for a sink that is as big on style as it is on function.

Clearwater: 01684 299555 www.clearwaterproducts.co.uk


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