Declaring War on the Kettle-Why Quooker has reached boiling point with the classic appliance

When making vital steps to reach a greener planet, as well as monitoring and reducing our climbing energy bills, energy-guzzling appliances that waste precious resources need to be held to account. Leading boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker officially declares war on the kettle, urging consumers to think of the environmental and safety benefits of switching. ​

​Quooker has been making kitchens more efficient and sustainable since the 1970s. Originally invented as a solution to make ready-made soups truly instant and eliminate the need to wait for a kettle to boil, Quooker quickly evolved, striving for sustainability in all its practices. Quooker enables more responsible consumption every time the tap is turned on.​

Quooker taps offer impressive water-saving results​

Overfilling the kettle is one of the most common mistakes people make in the kitchen, resulting in the unnecessary boiling of water. Water that is left in the kettle is often re-boiled – an unhealthy practice that makes the minerals in the water very concentrated – or tipped down the sink, wasting a huge amount of water and energy every day. ​

Quooker delivers impressive water-saving benefits by instantly providing the exact amount of boiling water whenever it’s needed, whether it is for a single cup of tea or a large pot.​

Furthermore, the Quooker COMBI provides instant warm water directly from a cold feed, so there is no need to let the tap run and wait for water to heat up, allowing Quooker taps to save even more water.​






Quooker taps save energy ​

The average kettle is responsible for using 2,200 watts to boil 1.7 litres of water. Often used multiple times throughout the day, this kitchen appliance expends huge amounts of energy. ​

Comparatively, Quooker taps use very little electricity. Thanks to their advanced tank technology, it only takes 10 watts to keep water at 110°C. Users can enjoy instant boiling water for cooking and cleaning, alongside reduced energy bills.

Quooker taps offer a safer solution​

When it comes to the kettle, burns and scalds are very frequent, especially amongst young children, with 80% of serious burn incidents caused by hot liquids. Quooker taps are undoubtedly the safer option, thanks to the in-built safety mechanism preventing accidental use, red light signaling alerting users of water modes, cool touch spout casing that doesn’t heat up as the water boils and spray technology delivering an aerated flow, rather than a steady stream. Unlike a kettle, a Quooker tap is a static, immovable object located out of a child’s reach, which cannot be spilled or tipped over. Delivering precision pouring, a Quooker is a sound investment for a safe, efficient and stylish kitchen

Quooker taps give precious time & space back ​

Research shows that we spend on average almost four months of our lives waiting for the kettle to boil. With time being the most valuable commodity, our busy lifestyles require efficient alternatives. Quooker provides the solution, offering instant boiling water to aid with any kitchen task, from cooking to cleaning. ​

Moreover, Quooker also saves space on worktops. The area occupied by a kettle can be freed up for food prep, and because the Quooker tank is so compact, there’s still usable storage space under the sink.

“At Quooker, we feel passionately that our taps provide a more sustainable, safer and live-enriching alternative to the kettle. As a company, we are on a mission to educate consumers on the benefits of switching from the kettle. Our customers are often surprised at the long-term savings than can be had versus the initial investment, let alone the safety, time-saving and convenience benefits that come with the purchase. There is currently a great deal of confusion in the market and we believe it is our responsibility as a company to present as clearly as possible these benefits, alongside how we are stiving as a company to be as green as possible.”

– Stephen Johnson, Quooker UK MD

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