As Dansani celebrates its upcoming 40th anniversary, it’s with optimism and a plan for the future. Because the dreams and visions are still the same as 40 years ago when Dansani was founded. The company’s new CEO, Peter Juul, has set a clear course.

In markets where construction is experiencing major changes in pace, you have to be skilled at navigating and maintaining at the same time. That’s why it’s a huge advantage for a new CEO to have an organization with 40 years of experience behind him.“Dansani has a strong design heritage, a great production setup, and experienced employees who have been with us for 15, 20 and 35 years. Like everyone else, we’re currently struggling with a declining market, but we’re not letting that get us down. We’ve been in similar situations before,” says Peter Juul.

Thomas Bjerrum founded Dansani as a one-man company in 1983


Thomas Bjerrum founded Dansani in 1983 as a one-man business in his own home. He had big dreams and visions, and there was no doubt about the product – bathroom furniture.

Dansani has grown from a single room in Thomas Bjerrum’s house to 20.500 square meters – still in Southern Jutland, because local support has always been important.


Product Development Manager Rasmus Kjær has been with the company for 30 years. “We think bathrooms… and only bathrooms, and that’s how it’s been since the very beginning. The experience we have in developing bathroom furniture over such a long period of time gives us unique knowledge, a solid foundation and, not least, a network of partners and subcontractors that few others in the industry have,” says Rasmus Kjær.

It wasn’t long before founder Thomas Bjerrum decided to establish his own production facilities. He wanted to ensure consistently high quality, beautiful finishes and reliable delivery. With in-house production and durable Danish design, the company grew rapidly.

The combination of high-tech machinery and skilled craftsmanship has created a unique production environment that enables order production of furniture in just two weeks for standard decors.

The Danish design heritage of form following function still holds true. Every little detail of the furniture has been thought through to ensure that it is both stylish and functional, so that the consumer starts the day in a room where wellness is the priority.


Peter Juul is not immediately concerned despite the current lack of interest in private construction in the majority of the European markets Dansani serves.

“My task is to create new dynamics so that we maintain the specialist experience we have and combine it with innovation in product, sales and digitalization. Most recently, we have introduced LIGHTHOUSE, a range based on a new, revolutionary patent for flatpack furniture, which will lead the way for more sustainable bathroom furniture. We are the first on the market with this technology. So there is full speed ahead with initiatives where sustainability is the focus despite the crisis, and we have also lined up a number of other innovations for 2024,” says Peter Juul.

He holds an optimistic vision for the future, “Dansani’s journey is an expression of the value of strong roots, continuous innovation and a committed team. With an eye on both the success of the past and the potential of the future, we will continue to innovate for ourselves and the industry, we believe in a bright future,” concludes Peter Juul.

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