Cosentino Introduces New Dekton® Avant Garde

The Cosentino Collection 2020 unveils daring textures

The Cosentino Collection 2020 introduces the Dekton® Avant Garde series with three exclusive and premium colours: Laurent, Helena and Khalo. These three authentic tones increase the number of design possibilities for the most cutting-edge projects. Inspired by natural stone, Laurent, Helena and Khalo boast high shine and unrivalled durability.

Laurent is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent; a unique colour that stands out due to its complexity and beauty. Its surface texture features different shades and depths, through which gold veining takes pride of place and brings warmth to a deep, dark background. It provides the perfect balance for designing sophisticated spaces.

Helena is inspired by the natural stone Onyx, featuring balanced white and grey tones with a delicate crackled effect. Its great beauty and high shine makes it ideal for decorating a unique and stylish space.

Khalo is inspired by Patagonia Granite, one of the world’s most sought-after stones, due to its unique shape and tones. With its polished finish, thanks to our Dekton® XGloss technology, Khalo features a super high shine that emphasises its complex and colourful structure. Intense blacks, pale golds and toasted browns combine to create a colour that is original and unique to the market.

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