Compusoft launches Product Navigator to help customers upsell

CAD specialist Compusoft is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation, Product Navigator, designed to improve upselling in the showroom by enabling its customers to search and compare products easily.

Compusoft’s Product Navigator – a new function within Winner Design – allows users to search easily using key product attributes and compare all appropriate products side by side. It gives users access to useful sales material in the form of media content, meaning every sales person can sell with confidence and answer any questions their clients might have.

In addition, Product Navigator is web-enabled so it can be accessed anywhere, including on a tablet device, so it can be used while you walk your customer through the showroom to compare products on the shop floor. Users can also save and review a customer’s favourite products into a wish list, which can then be easily integrated into Winner Design.

Key Features in focus:

Search – Easily search all products using key attributes, such as product type, product features, dimensions and price to find exactly what you need.

Comparison view – Effortlessly compare different brands and models side-by-side, so that you can guide customers to select the ideal one.

Access to media content – Quickly access extra sales materials for products, such as videos, website links and technical drawings, so that every salesperson can sell confidently, with full information and expertise behind them.

Web-enabled – Product Navigator can be accessed anywhere, including on a tablet device, so that you can use it while walking your customers through the showroom to compare products.

Wishlist – Save and review your customer’s favourite products by adding them to a wish list, which can then be imported directly into the design.

Integration – Import products directly into your designs, quotation and order list in one step thanks to direct integration with Winner Design.

Compusoft UK managing director, Alex Ainge comments: “Our customers have told us that they need to have the fantastic sales information available in Winner Design at their fingertips, as they walk through their showroom.

“Product Navigator does just that, by utilising the data from our catalogues this sales tool improves upselling kitchen products, making it easier for customers to see and compare different products.”

Product Navigator

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