Completing the look with Dallmer’s Black Edition

New and exclusive from Dallmer - a two-metre black stainless steel shower channel

Whether it’s the taps, bathtub, or washbasin, black has an eternal charm that brings elegance, prestige, and luxury to a bathroom’s design. The shower channels and grates from Dallmer’s Black Edition are an important addition to any black bathroom, and also cover a range of price segments.

Part of Dallmer’s Black Edition is CeraFloor Select Duo. This new stainless steel shower channel is available in lengths of up to two metres and brings a touch of sophistication to ensure the luxury bathroom look is complete.

The sleek black finish has been achieved through various techniques, each tailored to the specific product. For instance, the durable black PVD coating on the CeraFloor Select and CeraNiveau shower channels, part of the DallFlex shower channel family, was initially developed for high-stress components in motorsport engines. But Dallmer has engineered this concept into its shower channels so it can take centre stage in the bathroom.

Two-metre stainless steel shower channels, exclusively from Dallmer
The CeraFloor Select Duo pushes the limits of shower channel design and is the first black stainless steel shower channel available in lengths of up to two metres. That means even the most spacious of showers can benefit from a stylish splash of black.

The CeraFloor Select Duo is versatile, perfect for central, decentralised, or wall-mounted shower drainage. When combined with the Duo drainage housings from the DallFlex system family, it ensures efficient drainage with enhanced capacity. The built-in cross gradient directs water seamlessly to the drainage point along the rail.

Elegant black matte grates for point drainage

For those with point drainage in their shower area, then the matte black grates from Dallmer’s ColourCollection range perfectly complement the latest DallDrain floor drain lineup.

These stylish grates are available in sizes 100mm x 100mm and 120mm x 120mm and mean you can effortlessly add a black grate to the shower area, creating an eye-catching focal point. As well as looking fantastic, Dallmer’s Black Edition products are easy to care for, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic.

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