COMING SOON by Abode – Modern Functionality. Traditionally Disguised

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions act in response to the rise in traditional home interiors with a newly developed hot tap, which will become part of the company’s flagship Pronteau Collection and debut at kbb Birmingham in March 2022.


Taking inspiration and guidance from the market statistics it gathered this year, the specialist in-house design team at Abode has been able to consider the evolution of today’s customer and react in real-time, to serve real needs and confirm the growth in popularity of traditional and hybrid kitchen designs.


Further impressing itself as a market leader in the design of high quality 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 hot water taps, Abode has spent the last 12 months monitoring the UK marketplace so it can easily map-out what customers are requesting on the ground and feed the results back to its Design & Development Department.


Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode says, “We have long felt that UK homeowners would welcome more choice when it comes to the provision of hot water taps in the kitchen, so we were pleased to discover the research confirms there is a now strong demand for hybrid tap designs that combine traditional style traits with modern functionality like instant steaming hot and filtered water on tap.”


Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager at Abode says, “Blurring the divide between traditional and contemporary interiors has become somewhat of a best-seller in kitchen design of late. Able to create a blended décor that is both classic and modern, homeowners have shifted their focus towards taps that are period by design but advanced in functionality. Added to that, high lustre finishes with discernible patinas like antique brass and brushed finishes are elevating the traditional kitchen accessory with trends looking towards distinct polishing and surface treatments to elevate principal components like sinks and taps.”


For the ultimate in fusion-style kitchen taps, Abode will use 2022 to launch a range of truly traditional designs for today’s lifestyles.


Further information on these exciting product developments will be released in the run-up to kbb 2022, where in-person, you will get the opportunity to touch and feel the latest innovations by Abode specially designed for the lifestyle kitchen – watch this space! 


For further information, please contact Pronteau by Abode: t 01226 283 434 | | w | For the latest company updates, please follow Abode on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn #WaterTheWayYouWantIt

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