Caple embraces the dark side with new black metal dial controls for ovens & gas hobs

Caple is elevating the trend for black in the kitchen with the option to upgrade a selection of their appliances with chic, black metal dials. This applies to models with metal dials in stainless steel from their comprehensive oven and gas hob collections. This simple accessory, £28 for a pair, enables you to switch your appliance dials between stainless-silver and black to suit every occasion and kitchen design.

Product manager Luke Shipway explains: “We have designed the CKNOB5BK dial controls to be easy to remove and replace as required. If your appliance already comes with the stainless-steel dials, we are giving you the choice to benefit from this customisable option with a sleek black finish. If you need assistance to remove and replace the dials, simply watch our short YouTube demo film here.”

Caple’s new C890G modular gas hob (above) has been customised with the new dials to achieve a seamless black finish. The new 290mmW C890G hob, £249 RRP, comes in black glass with metal dial controls as standard, cast-iron magnetic pan supports, auto electronic ignition, a rapid burner and semi-rapid burner.

You can see the full product specification and the new black CKNOB5BK dial controls here (and simply scroll down to discover compatible products) and buy the new C890G modular gas hob here or find your local retailer here.

Please note: Caple has also introduced a new black metal handle, which you can buy via this link HANDLE10BK, £46 RRP, for the C2234BK oven. This appliance comes with a horizontal metal handle as standard. You can create an all-black look if you also replace the metal dial controls with the new black metal dials (CKNOB5BK).

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