British Ceramic Tile supports the Air Ambulance Trust

British Ceramic Tile has pledged its support to the Air Ambulance Trust. The UK’s
largest ceramic and glass tile manufacturer has nominated both the Devon Air
Ambulance and Yorkshire Air Ambulance as its charities of the year, with staff across
the business coming together to raise funds for the publically funded charities.


Through a series of internal fundraising events and activities, the company has raised
over £1300 for the charity splitting the funds between the two areas. Alongside
monetary donations, British Ceramic Tile has also donated a standout project
produced by LEGO artist, Dave Hughes.

The manufacturer has gifted the sculpture titled ‘#Collaborate’ to the Devon Air
Ambulance with the belief its message of collaboration successfully represents the
hard work and dedication behind the charity. Created by the famous LEGO artist as
part of last year’s Clerkenwell Design Week the sculpture sees a group of people
holding someone up to provide a visual representation of teamwork and
collaboration, an image that resonates well with the charity.

Tracy Owen, from Devon Air Ambulance commeted: “We love this sculpture. It
represents our charity well, reflecting our vision, mission statement and values.
Now, through an inspiring piece of art, the ethos of the charity is showcased bold
and clear. We’re delighted with this donation and all the funds the company has
raised on our behalf.”

Jayne Adamson, head of retail marketing and brand at British Ceramic Tile said:
“We’re proud to pledge our support to the Air Ambulance Trust. The cost to keep
the trust up and running is phenomenal, so we’d like to think any contributions we
make go someway towards supporting this fantastic operation.”

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