Bora making its UK debut at kbb Birmingham

Making its UK debut at kbb Birmingham 2022 and winner of the Judges Award at the kbb Innovation Awards, BORA X BO is a steamer and oven rolled into one appliance.

The steam oven offers professional technology for the domestic kitchen, with a steam extraction function built-in. Together with the innovative activated charcoal odour filter it keeps the kitchen full of fresh air, ensures a clear view and prevents steam from escaping when the door is opened.

Other features include the BORA Smart Open automatic door pre-opening system with advanced steam extraction; the 19-inch foldable, intuitive touch display; the innovative and fully automatic cleaning function and the efficient LED multilevel lighting which lights up all levels of the BORA X BO perfectly, counteracts the black panel effect of the doors and ensures a true-to-life view of the food in the cooking chamber.

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