Bette launches new easy, fast fit shower tray support – with ‘try it for free’ promotion until the end of February 2019

Bette has launched a new pre-attached shower tray support that makes it easy and fast to install its glazed titanium-steel shower trays, and is offering retailers and installers the opportunity to ‘try it for free’ until 28th February 2019.

The new Minimum Support can be ordered pre-attached to any BetteFloor, BetteFloor Side or BetteUltra shower tray and is then simply glued to the screed or wooden floor using a standard installation adhesive, non-pressing construction foam or silicone. The new format will save fitters time, as well as simplifying ordering.

The special retailer promotion means that retailers and installers can try the new Minimum Support for free with the purchase of any of the 132 BetteFloor, BetteFloor Side or BetteUltra shower trays. Only the shower tray itself has to be paid for.

The free support promotion is available on orders placed by 28.02.2019, with how to order details available on special flyers or by emailing

Comments Bette UK Country Manager, Samantha Wake: “We wanted to simplify the fitting and ordering of Bette’s ultra-flat shower trays and shower areas, to make it easy and fast for retailers and installers. Our new Minimum Support means that all the advantages of Bette glazed titanium-steel shower trays, including durability, ease of cleaning, range of sizes, colours and 30 year warranty, are now available in a new easy-fit format, that will save installers time. The new pre-attached support also provides excellent sound insulation and with this promotion there is the chance to try it for free.”

For more information on new Minimum Support, including an installation video, plus all the advantages of Bette glazed titanium-steel shower trays, please go to  or telephone 0844 800 0547.

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