AXOR x Tristan Auer: The “Blade Runner” Bathroom

For more than 25 years, AXOR has partnered with world-renowned designers, working together to shape water-related spaces that express the unique personality of the user. In recent years, individualisation has emerged as one of the megatrends in interior design, as consumers seek out more personal expressions of luxury, style and well-being in their homes.

To help architects and interior designers better understand their clients’ personal evolving desires and develop distinctive and sustainable long-term solutions, AXOR has launched the DISTINCTIVE project. AXOR DISTINCTIVE is a unique exploration of individualisation in personal living spaces, that brings together the most important insights and perspectives on the topic of individual luxury.


Paris-based Tristan Auer, a self-described “interior and emotion” architect, sees himself as a stage director with his clients, whom he regards as accomplices in the starring role. Although renowned for the sensuality of his designs and for his vibrant mixing of colours, lights and eras, Auer never imposes a style on his clients, among whom are some of the world’s most famous — and distinctive — personalities. Auer studies them, draws inspiration from them, and creates singular interiors tailored to their individuality.

Auer’s original bathroom concept for the AXOR DISTINCTIVE campaign was also designed for a distinctive individual – himself. He explains: “For me, it was a gift to be able to do this project because it’s always very interesting to work for myself. I could be crazy and not have to please anybody or seduce anybody or teach anything.”

As someone who takes inspiration from place — not just the sights but the sounds, smells and textures — Auer was particularly excited about the brief’s suggestion of a high-rise apartment in Hong Kong. He says: “You know ‘Blade Runner’ from Ridley Scott? Hong Kong is like that — something which is building on top of itself. Different layers. You have the crowd on the street level, and then, as you elevate, it’s more and more futuristic. It’s why I combine old antiques pieces with very modern textures.”

Among the textures Auer utilises is the diamond-cut pyramid pattern of the AXOR Edge mixer tap by Jean-Marie Massaud. Noting the similarity between the AXOR Edge pattern and that of the iconic Dupont lighters he remembers from the 80s, Auer says: “I don’t smoke, but I like to touch. So that sets the stage — Dupont, those colours, those ambiances.”

Finished in Polished Gold Optic, the AXOR Edge washbasin mixer tap, and free-standing bath mixer tap set striking contrasts to the surrounding materials. Meanwhile, the AXOR ShowerHeaven and the AXOR Edge thermostat provide cutting-edge functionality within the shower area. Auer also incorporates the new AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories range, designed by Philippe Starck, into his bathroom concept to add a timelessly modern touch to the final look.

To build on the bold, clashing 80s aesthetic, Auer also combines reflective stainless steel with neon lighting and offsets it with a graphic mix of light and dark travertine stone. Auer says: “[The stone] is disruptive and very masculine. It’s very 80s, as well. You know, you had some perfumes that were very strong in their masculinity. It was a little bit of a reference to this period.”

In case there was any doubt as to the personality Auer had in mind when designing, he explains without hesitation: “It’s for a man. Definitely selfish. The guy is only thinking about himself. He likes to collect. He’s a hedonist.”

But whatever space he’s designing for, from bathrooms to tailored car interiors, Auer makes clear that individualisation is at the heart of his process, commenting:

“I started my career first with Christian Liaigre, which was totally bespoke at that time, and I learned to design everything — every single door handle. I know the artisans. I know the process. And individualisation is very interesting because, for me, that’s luxury, to have something made for you.

“And that changes everything. When you have something made for you, you only need it once.”

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