AQATA ‘s statement shower screens Setting trends in the bathroom

On-trend, curves, colour, fluting, surrounded by matte black or highlighted with a glint of gold this describes not the latest catwalk collection from a leading fashion designer but some of the key elements and styles from the spectacular range of shower screens launched by AQATA this year.

Colour has reinvigorated bathroom design with a vengeance during the last year, gone is the stark but brilliant bright white; colour is discreetly but deftly invading its space. Monochrome is key, providing clean lines and fabulous definition all of which are apparent in the Matte Black collection.

From bold matte black we then take a look at shape and form, traditionally shower screens are flat, fitting against a wall, free standing or as a panel on the side of a bath. However, in 2019 AQATA quite literally put a kink in this… and introduced the curve.

The DS506 from AQATA is chic and curvaceous, a seamless span of 8mm glass; this is a uniquely-designed quintet walk-in like no other. This sleek and smooth screen is available in two stylish options clear or grey glass, and to add to the charm there are a variety of eye-catching finishes including chrome, gold, polished nickel, brushed nickel and matte black.

From bold curves to delicate waves, the most recent addition to the AQATA portfolio is the new reeded glass shower screen; the rippled effect of the glass provides its own elegant modesty panel, with its soft visual blurring.

This latest, on-trend shower screen from AQATA; the DS402, takes the form of a stylish reeded glass wet room panel. It’s a chic modern twist to the concept of a modesty screen; whilst the clear glass lets light flood into the showering area, the blurring effect of the reeded panels introduces an element of decorum to the wet room.

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