Air Naturel Available in UK

French air-improvement company Air Naturel is now in the UK.  Air Naturel UK is setting its sights on the £240million British market for humidification, dehumidification, air purification and aromatherapy diffusing.

Deborah Keates, marketing director say “There’s a huge market for retailers and specifiers  to add this growing category. With all the coverage about poor air quality in key cities throughout the UK, there is a rare chance to add products with a life-enhancing story to tell.”

The Air Naturel UK collection includes own-brand Air Naturel products designed to add moisture (humidifiers) including one especially for young children and infants that helps alleviate breathing difficulties due to colds or allergies. Aptly named Gotakid™ (right) it also features a night light for added reassurance. Other products include dehumidifiers to help alleviate damp, mould etc, along with essential oil diffusers (pictured left) that offer a strong gifting opportunity for retailers.  Alongside the Air Naturel own-brand range is a complete product offer from the leading Swiss producer of luxury designer air-care products.

Air Naturel Airom Copper    New for Summer 2018, this ultrasonic (cold mist) aromatherapy diffuser is available in copper-effect (as shown) or black. Quiet at just 26 dB Airom will gently diffuse; relaxing, calming, or invigorating essential oils by mixing 2 – 8 drops into the fresh water held within its reservoir.  £59.99

Air Naturel GotaKid Ultrasonic Air Humidifier    Designed to add regulated moisture to a child’s bedroom automatically, humidification helps with allergies, dust and helps prevent airborne viruses. The unit includes a Hygrosmart™ function that measures moisture and adjusts accordingly.   A choice of customisable eyes is included for personalisation.  The unit has the added benefit of a built-in night light that can be turned on and off.  RRP £69.90.

All Air Naturel products carry a 2-year replacement guarantee.

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