A steamy problem solved

Why use a demista heated mirror pad?

Over 26 years ago, the innovators of demista™, spotted an obvious gap in the market and developed the idea for a product that was unknown at that time. After extensive travelling, they had noticed that hotels they were staying in had steamed up mirrors after bathing or showering. So the idea of the heated mirror pad came up.

These pads can be used behind mirrors on bathroom walls or on bathroom cabinets. They are easy to fit, have no maintenance requirements and cost a minimal amount to run. No more wiping, and smearing the surface. Just a clear view almost instantaneously once the pad is switched on. demista™ heated mirror pads are the first choice of anyone installing or refurbishing a bathroom, whether it be in private homes and apartments, or hotel developments around the world.

The pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and multiples can be used for extremely large surfaces. They can also be fitted on bathroom cabinets.

Tel: 01932 866600 Email: sales@demista.co.uk

Web: www.demista.co.uk

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