A Glazed Steel ‘Endurance Test’, Inclusion In An Inspirational Sleep Set And A Busy Stand At SLEEP+EAT For BETTE

At the new Sleep + Eat event, German bathroom products manufacturer, Bette, saw a lot of interest in its products, the wide range of colours available and the durability of its glazed titanium-steel. Its flush to floor shower area, the BetteFloor, was also featured in one of the inspirational Sleep Sets: Room One created by HBA London, together with the Natural History Museum.

Bette gave live ‘Endurance Test’ demonstrations on the durability of its products, encouraging visitors to draw on the glazed steel with a permanent ‘Sharpie’ marker, hit it with a shower head and then watch, as nail varnish remover was set alight on the surface. Even those putting the greatest force behind their hitting of the surface didn’t manage to create even the tiniest of marks. The permanent marker pen met its match and was easily removed with glass/window cleaner and the fire left no trace that it had been there.

Bette projects manager, Jean-Francois Marty comments: “Sleep + Eat attracted some good visitors and the Bette stand was busy most of the time.  Visitors were looking for a wide range of different solutions, and there was definitely more

interest in colour this year. There was also a lot of interest in durability and longevity and so we were kept busy doing our Bette glazed-steel ‘Endurance Test’ in which we get visitors to try to damage the surface. It’s interesting that, despite the benefits of Bette’s glazed titanium-steel being widely known in the hospitality sector, there was still some surprise about just how durable it is.”

Bette products are finished in BetteGlaze; a glass-like surface which is harder than marble, plastic or epoxy granite, is non-porous, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Products are available in both gloss and matt finishes, in an extensive range of colours, with the opportunity to colour-match ceramic items, such as tiles. Bespoke colours can be created to fit with interior themes, as well as bespoke sized products to fit a space perfectly.

Baths on display included an eye-catching BetteLux Oval Silhouette freestanding bath in one of Bette’s new stand-out shimmering colours: Blue Satin, as well as a shower bath popular with hotels, the BetteOcean, in low-line format, which makes it easy to get in and out of.

Bette is also known for its innovative glazed titanium-steel shower trays, and the display included a BetteFloor Side, which can be installed flush to the floor. The company showed how hotels can maximise their levels of anti-slip in the bathroom using its Anti-slip Pro option, which also has the advantage of being almost invisible.

With ease of installation a key consideration, Bette displayed its latest development for fast and efficient shower tray installation: the Bette Minimum Support.

Bette also manufactures a wide range of glazed titanium-steel washbasins, which are available in an extensive range of colours and come with a 30 year warranty. Washbasins on display included the BetteOne, BetteArt and BetteLux Oval.

Bette has more than 600 different shapes and sizes of product available, including freestanding baths, fitted baths, shower trays, flush-to-floor shower areas and washbasins. If a particular size of product is required, perhaps to fit into a recess, Bette can make it to order. Its products are available in hundreds of colours, including 22 exclusive matt colours.

Bette baths, shower floors and washbasins are made from entirely natural materials and are 100% recyclable. Bette has also invested heavily in green technologies at its factory in Germany and creates 2/3 of its energy requirements from renewable resources. Sustainability is central to Bette’s approach, and this is confirmed by the company‘s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which complies with ISO 14025 and EN15804.

For more information see www.bette.co.uk or telephone 0844 800 0547.

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