A bright new day has dawned for TLW | The Lightworks, and with it comes a whole new brand name. From now on, all of our own manufactured lighting products will be sold under our brand name VEW. It’s a name that simply and brilliantly encapsulates what we do.


TLW | The Lightworks has been in business more than 20 years and is part of a family owned business that has just celebrated its fiftieth birthday. Over this time we’ve seen some major changes in our industry and the way people use their kitchens (and how we define the kitchen) is radically different from a decade ago.

We’ve also seen the products we sell undergo radical reinvention. With more colours, placement choices and control options than ever before, you can practically create any look you want in your home.

So against this backdrop of radical change, we decided to take a long look at what we were doing. And it turned out we were doing pretty well. We had (and still have) a commitment to providing the very best products and service and all for a fantastic price as well.

However, some of our branding didn’t convey that. It was descriptive, but not dynamic or exciting. Moreover, we’re not exactly the most visible company in the market and a lot of people simply didn’t know we existed. We thought it was time to change that.


The VEW branding is all about simplicity and ease of use, because that’s a big part of what we do. It’s easy to buy from us, because we always provide the best possible products regardless of your choice. It’s easy to get your purchases, because we can deliver to any schedule. And it’s easy to create the perfect ambience in a space, thanks to our in-depth understanding of our product range and our love for lighting.

Lighting goes way beyond illuminating a space. It’s a delicate art – a way of creating a specific feeling based on a room’s appearance and function. As a retailer, you know the value of lighting in a room. It can radically change its appearance and a customer’s reaction to it. Good lighting can make a £10,000 kitchen look like a £20,000 one. We’re glad you agree.

And this is another inspiration for the VEW branding. When you work with us we will create the perfect emotional space. Whether your client is after a calming ambience for their bedroom or an exciting, high activity mood for their kitchen – we’ve just the product (and the knowledge) for the job. Whatever ‘view’ your clients want to achieve, VEW products and services are more than capable of doing so.


Of course, lofty ideas are all well and good and we know you also want something that lasts and will also stand the test of time in your customer’s homes. You want your products when you order them, so that nobody is disappointed. And, of course, you want something that’s great value for money.

VEW’s market-leading LEDs are manufactured with the closest attention to detail. This is because even similar-looking LEDs can have massive quality discrepancies. So we take care to pick only the best, right from the point of manufacture.

LED chip manufacturers use a process called ‘binning’ when making their products. They’re graded by quality, with chips ranging from 70 to 95 on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), with 90-95 being the best. Chips of similar quality are sorted into single bins – hence the name and VEW only takes the best chips from the 90-95 bin.

This is a similar process when buying wallpaper for example as you would purchase it from the same batch to ensure the colour matches if you were to use more than one roll.


With our market leading LEDs, you’re buying a product you and your customers can depend on. A range of colour options means we can cater to any home style, modern or traditional. And with our easy to use plug-and-play product design, our lighting can be added to any room without specialist skills or training.

The VEW product range makes it easier than ever to get the most from your home but we aren’t stopping here. Our new, easy-to-use website is packed with helpful information on our products.

We’ll also be releasing a whole range of updates over the coming months, explaining the jargon behind the product and why we’re ahead of the rest. Our aim is to become the leading point of reference for our industry and whatever questions you have, our new VEW website is the place to get them answered.

When you buy from TLW | The Lightworks, you’re buying the best that money can buy. And with our new branding, we hope that this will be clearer than ever before as we believe every room deserves a VEW.


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