Quooker: The Patinated Brass finish

The use of brass features in the home has been one of the biggest re-emerging trends in recent years. Creating a rustic, modern feel with brass adds character to the kitchen, offering a softer alternative to a harsh white or black option. The Patinated Brass finish from Quooker creates warmth and a homely, organic atmosphere, offering up the perfect appliance on which the homeowner can be proud to leave their mark.


The Patinated Brass finish grows more and more beautiful with age. Like a fine wine, the taps mature as they are used. Patina is a layer that develops on brass due to oxidation. It slowly changes colour, turning lighter or darker brown in different spots. This can be affected just by touching the material. Wherever you lay your fingertips, the surface will discolour in a distinct way, leaving your own individual touch on the tap. This natural process means your tap will become not only a practical kitchen tool, but a personal ornament for the countertop.


The Quooker Fusion Square and Round in Patinated Brass, from £1,590

Quooker offers six finish options to choose from across the different tap ranges – chrome, stainless steel, black, gold, patinated brass, and nickel. This variety ensures a finish for every home. With a Quooker you have the luxury of 100°C boiling, hot and cold water on tap. As well as, with the addition of the CUBE, the option of sparkling and chilled water.

Quooker taps not only help to streamline the kitchen but they’re also used to keep the kitchen tidier, safer and to save the homeowner time in their everyday life. Whether that be with instant water for a cup of tea, washing up or getting dinner on, a Quooker makes the kitchen more functional, and it looks great doing it too.

Expert comment from Stephen Johnson, Managing Director at Quooker: 

“As an individual, if you do lots of activity in your kitchen that requires the use of boiling water, then aQuookeris by far the quickest, safest, and most sustainable way to deliver true boiling water. In comparison with a kettle, aQuookerdelivers what you need, when you need it – and it looks great too.”

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