24” Mirrored Bathroom TV from Frontline Bathrooms

Featuring an ultrathin profile and innovative features such as touch sensitive control panels and built in technology to heat the screen and prevent misting, these sleek TVs (576mm x 395mm) are equipped with a handy IP rated waterproof remote and high quality built in waterproof speakers to facilitate a sumptuous soak complete with uncompromising comfort and cutting edge technology.

Available in either a Black or Mirrored finish, ideal for doubling up as a reflective surface for a seamless integration into an existing design scheme, incorporating one of these luxury TVs into the home is as simple as it is stylish: whether mounted with the box provided or neatly tiled in. With a Digital Freeview tuner which picks up over 60 TV channels and 40 radio stations, and the option to connect digital providers such as Sky through one of the two HDMI ports, the TVs provide the best in bathroom entertainment and luxury.

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